Dr. Kaden,

You may know that, 18 months ago, I had a very serious accident … and I am very lucky to be alive.

I had no real breath. Nearly nothing. It was so bad, a small staircase forced me to stop 3-4 minutes to catch my breath. I hated
it, I really did. Walking up a hill was an agony and I’m glad I don’t live in the mountains. Running gave me the impression to die – and I needed 15 to 20 minutes to recover. It was really bad.

Admittedly, I had made some progress after my accident, but it seemed I still had the breath of someone aged 80 and I am no where close to that age Dr. Kaden.

Was it a lack of iron? No, my iron was OK. I had tons of medical blood tests when I was in the hospital, plus I’m a male, so my iron is a little better than a female. A defective heart? No, my heart is still good as far as I know.

All the specialists I saw were unable to find an answer. I was still short of breath. I was not only confused, I was upset. I wanted to know what was wrong with me. Some days I could not even breathe normally at rest. As if a huge weight was continuously pushing against my chest. Unable to answer an interview, record a video without cheating – I had to catch my breath silently by pausing.

This did not affect my mood, I got used to it sort of, but I was annoyed when my wife went up the stairs – and I had to take the elevator. I was feeling like that 80 year-old man I told you I wasn’t.

Now here’s the bad part Dr. Kaden.

No more skiing.

Aging is nice, and everyone does it, but to take 20 or 30 years of age at once, it’s a little too much.

Yesterday at 3 o’clock in the morning, I awoke suddenly because something in my body was not normal. I was breathing normally.
At last. But I laid very still. I was afraid to move. I could not believe my lungs. I wanted to get up, go up and down stairs, just to check it out, but I didn’t.

What happened was a true MIRACLE!

I woke up my wife, told her my secret, though she found me quite annoying in the early morning hours. I managed to get back to sleep, and the next day, incredibly, I ran up the stairs: my short breath was really GONE. Wow! Hopefully for good. Unbelievable huh? Amazing as I see it. I wanted to pinch myself to verify that I was not dreaming. How did this miracle happen? I thought about this for a long, long time and I finally came up with what I think is the answer Dr. Kaden.

You can tell me if I’m wrong, but I think I’m right on point. I have only changed two things, since the breathing problem started.

1. I started getting weekly adjustments four months ago. I know I should have done that before but you know me Dr. Kaden, I am like most people. I procrastinate.

2. I started using your HGH and Testosterone cremes about two weeks ago. I started feeling better right away, as far as energy and my breathing actually started to improve within the first week.

That’s what happened and that’s all I’ve changed. It took a few weeks for me to finally figure this out but those are the only two things I changed. I personally think it was a combination of both, but I will tell you this. I think everyone should be using your hormone cremes, especially since they slow down the aging process.

And please, keep sending me the hormone handouts. I enjoy reading them and my wife loves learning too, so please, keep sending them.

Sorry it’s taken me so long to write you, but I just started feeling good enough to write again. My breathing really was that bad. I just wanted you to know about this little miracle. I knew you’d want to know. I want to tell the world about chiropractic and these amazing hormone cremes.


Gale C. – Manhattan Beach, CA

You name the ailment….this amazing man can fix it! There is nothing that my family walks in with that alarms him. He remains calm, responds efficiently and reassures you that everything will be alright. He goes above and beyond the call of duty. He has set aside time for emergencies, offers sound advice, refers you to other professionals to assist in your healing, welcomes a “partnership” in your health and is simply an all around kind person. His understanding, compassion and willingness to find a solution is worth every mile driven to him. I honestly would get on a plane just to receive care! I am thankful my family has such an incredible person in our midst.

Tanya J. – Studio City, CA

Mother / Photographer

The time Dr. Kaden spent with me was priceless as well as the things was able to help me understand about my body was amazing. I felt better than I had in years and he got rid of a pain in my chest that I thought was heart related. After many tests and massage, Dr. Kaden adjusted me and it went away for the first time in over 6 months. Not to mention his ego-less attitude and kindness and intuition make for the best Dr. experience ever. Nice to feel listened to and to work with a doctor regarding your treatment! Dr. Kaden is a rare gem!

Faith M., – Baton Rouge, LA

Massage Therapist / Owner of The Massage Emporium

Dr. Kaden is an Angel of God! He has been very very helpful. I am a cosmetic and general Dentist and I was suffering with numb/tingling hands and was unable to work. The orthopaedic surgeons and neurologist suggested surgery to relieve my symptoms. I sought the care of Dr. Kaden and he was able to relieve my symptoms in a very short period of time without medication or surgery, and I was able to return to my practice.

Dr. Amir G., DDS – Los Angeles, CA


Dr. Kaden is wonderful! Over the years, he has helped me recover from severe toxic chemical exposure, and the ensuing health disasters. And he is without compare when it comes to healing sports injuries. I am quite certain that through his expert and compassionate treatment, I have avoided complicated and expensive procedures. My continually improving health and fitness are a direct result of Dr. Kaden’s ongoing care. Run, don’t walk, to make an appointment with one of his lovely staff!

Anne B. – Los Angeles, CA


“One week after my first visit I felt better than I had in 8 months.”

Allison S. – Glendale, CA


On Wednesday, January 4, 2006 I had hazy vision from 9:30am until about 3:30pm in the afternoon. After an hour of hard to focus vision I had a major headache and neck pain. After my treatment with Dr. Kaden my neck pain and eye vision were 100% by the morning. I experienced relief in my lower back pain, my brain seemed to function much much better, my energy level was transformed & I had a distinct sense of being more organized in my day. I’m feeling more cozy & centered.

Anny W. – Los Angeles, CA


When I first came in I was experiencing numbness in front leg and feet, lower back pain, and was having a hard time sitting and standing for long periods. I now feel much stronger, no lower back pain, and my numbness is gone.

Anton P. Culver City, CA

Martial Arts Instructor/Muscian

I first came to Dr. Kaden on 11.04.05. I have a lot of pain in my right knee. An orthopedic surgeon has diagnosed a meniscus tear. I decided to try alternate treatment with Cold Laser. I am so thankful that I came to Dr. Kaden, my knee did not cause excruciating pain when I drove home for 1½ hrs. on the 405 freeway after my treatment. My neck & lower back also feel much better. I can not wait for my next appointment for Brimhall technique.

Carole H. – San Pedro, CA


Once again, Dr. Frank has done his magic with my pain. Last weekend I pulled a muscle and was in tremendous pain. I could barely walk and was unable to sleep. After my Monday morning visit to Dr. Frank, my pain was just a bad memory. I don’t know how he does it, but he is amazing! Thank you,

Connie S. – Santa Monica, CA

Domestic Engineer /Elder Caregiver

Dear Frank,

I’m writing you this letter to let you know how much my life has changed since I began you rehab program. It has given me strength for the first time in years. When a person gets injured, it seems there is a multitude of things against them. It is a constant struggle, not only to deal with the pain, but the changes in one’s everyday life. The things that made you happy one day are now things you are not permitted to do. The places you went, you can’t go. Simple things like holding a baby, or going to the movies now become to difficult. After many years of doing certain things, now all of a sudden you must stop doing them entirely. Other problems come from how much time and effort it demands to seek good medical care. I can really only speak for myself but I am certain I’m not the only one who feels so strongly about how much this program has picked my head up. For the first time since June 1998, my back is virtually pain free. I used to keep a journal, noting the infrequent days that felt less pain. I stopped in December 2000, several weeks after starting my treatment there, because I realized that the tide had changed, because the infrequent thing now was actually having pain. I now have been given back something that I gave up on long ago: hope. When I was a little boy, I didn’t realize how quickly life could change directions. This program has given me inspiration, self worth and a confidence in myself that I thought was gone forever. Although my life will probably never be what it was, I now have a new one to look forward to. Thank you…


Daniel D. – Santa Monica, CA

Bartender/Film Maker

On being treated for the first time in this office, I was in AWE at the results. I was able to move my shoulders for the first time in a long time after leaving your office. The relaxation I felt was beyond belief, my steps were more fluent and easier with hip movement free from stiffness. I know I am going to have a better quality of life from the treatment… After the procedures I experienced a drive home with no pain or stiffness.My shoulders have no pain or stiffness. I relaxed and slept with no pain or stiffness in my shoulders and mild cramping in my legs. Before I had pain in the lower part of my arms, now it’s gone! There was no”popping” of my neck and no pain in my neck. After the procedures I feel relaxed. Better than sitz bath!

Delores C. – Los Angeles, CA

Dental Assistant

To whom it may concern,

In this day and age it is rare that you find a Healthcare Provider that truly cares. Dr. Kaden is one of those few shining stars in the field of medicine. When I first came to see Dr. Kaden, I had been ill for a long time. Other doctors had tried to cure my ailments with medication after medication, never providing true relief. Conversational medicine did not work, and I was tired of covering symptoms rather than curing the problems that caused my symptoms. With Dr. Kaden’s guidance I learned that through a careful diet, regulated lifestyle, and the help of herbal remedies in conjunction with Kinesiology, good health could be achieved. Frank Kaden is a healer in the oldest sense of the word, and anyone who has the privilege of being treated by him will surely agree with the statement. My deepest gratitude and warmest thoughts go out to Dr. Kaden.

Sincerely, Echo Mc N. – Van Nuys, CA

Financial Services

Dear Dr. Frank,

I have been impressed with the Cellular Cleanse. So far I have had six treatments. In the beginning I felt dizzy and had a splitting headache this was after the first 2 treatments. It didn’t ever feel safe to drive home until after a 30 minute rest. Now my eyes are very noticeably clear. Before, the whites were yellow. Also – I had a finger-nail fungus that is 90% gone. I have been trying to treat it for 5 years and it was so stubborn! So, to sum up I am very happy to rid my body of toxins in such a pleasant way and to feel so much more healthy.

Thank you, Leah R. October 11, 2005

P.S. Headaches are also 90% better!

Leah R. – Playa Del Rey Owner/Entrepreneur

After the first treatment – session I experienced relief in my lower back pain, my brain seemed to function much much better, my energy level was transformed & I had a distinct sense of being more organized in my day. I’m feeling more cozy & centered.

Mary S. – Culver City, CA


I have been thoroughly impressed by my experience at Kaden Chiropractic, after my first visit I actually was able to sleep through the night and had more energy. Whatever you do, it actually works. Thank you for giving me back my life!

Nichole E. – Encino, CA


Dear Dr. Kaden,

I would like to take a moment to “Thank you” and the staff for a job well done. As you know I suffer from carpel tunnel in both hands, pain in the neck, back, and shoulders. In March of 1997, I had a stroke that left the right side of my body weak, my face disfigured, and a speech impediment. The staff has been nothing but wonderful to me. Since my weekly visits to this location my overall outlook on life has improved. Dr. Kaden, “Thank you for encouraging me, and supplying me with positive thoughts.” Since the repetitious therapy, I have less pain in the troubled areas. I can not express how great it is to face another day with no pain in the morning. You have been wonderful! Please express my gratitude to the staff. It is great to know I am not another chart, but a person.


Lorraine S. – Santa Fe Springs, CA


Patient experiences and the doctor’s clinical judgment are two of three parts of what comprises Evidence Based Practice. In sharing these testimonials, patients or prospective patients should understand that the efficacy of a patient’s response to chiropractic care varies from individual to individual and from chiropractor to chiropractor, and this does not constitute in any way a promise of results for another patient, though we experience a very high patient satisfaction ratio in our clinic.