Angela F.: Traveled from Maui for Cervical Disc Herniation Relief

Dr. Amir G., DDS: Hand Numbness/Tingling, Neck Pain and Back Pain

Stephanie G.: Eczema

Lorie B.: Peripheral Neuropathy – Tingling in Feet

Sister Bernardine: Multiple Injuries from a Car Accident

James E.: Neck Pain, Back Pain and Herniated Discs

Mandy S.: Back Pain and Sciatica

Mincy S.: Neck Pain with Herniated Discs Low Back Pain

Meira S.: Neck and Shoulder Pain

Tracy V.: Neck Pain and Whiplash

James E.: Neck Pain, Back Pain, Sciatica and Herniated Discs

Greg B.: Back Pain

David M.: Neck, Back and Knee Pain

Linda C.: Back Pain, Sciatica and Foot Pain after Multiple Previous Back Surgeries

Jim S.: Chronic Low Back Pain