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What if I told you that you could lose inches and fat… without exercising, starving yourself, or struggling with some fancy high-priced boxed foods?

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In this short report I’m going to tell you how you can lose at least 2 inches in less than one hour. Now that may be a little hard to believe, but think about this. What if it were true? What if, after the first visit, you actually lost some inches and fat?

Would you be interested?

Now let me tell you another little secret. This is going to be the easiest weight you’ve ever lost.

In less than a one-hour session, you will have four or six eight-minute exposures to some special red lights.

Each exposure covers an area about 23″ by 17″ for eight minutes.

Four of those exposures will be for your mid-section, (where you will lose at least two inches) and possibly more!

The other two exposures can be for other areas of your body that you have concerns with, such as your chest, upper arms, neck, or face.

So how do these lights work?

This technology has been designed to produce results without the dangers of invasive liposuction surgery.

This technology you’re about to use is totally new. This new therapy will painlessly emulsify and break down your fat in your tissues… under your skin. It allows your body to safely eliminate emulsified fat and reduce inches from target areas; slimming and reshaping body lines, while tightening and toning any loose skin.

So what really happens to you when the red lights are placed on your problem areas? Your mitochondria (in the center of your fat cells) allows the fatty acids and triglycerides to “escape”. When this happens, something else will happen. It’ll improve your cholesterol and reduce your hunger.

Where does that fat go?

Great question. The emulsified fat that the red light frees up is then picked up by your filtering system, the lymphatic system, and sent to the liver for processing as part of the body’s normal course of detoxification.

The pores in your fat cells will then close in about 48-72 hours and the contents will be expelled in your stool and urine over the next few days.

Simple stuff, but it works.

Is This Program Safe?

Yes, it is!

This entire process is completely non-invasive, as these special red lights have never shown any recorded side effects – plus patients do NOT experience any discomfort whatsoever… during their treatments.

Some people even ask if this specialized red light technology is too ‘bright’ or can ‘hurt’ their eyes. “No” — and here’s why. This new fat loss technology is not as bright on your skin (as) walking in the mid-day sun, so it’s very, very safe. Plus… this does NOT include dangerous UV like the sun.

Do some people respond better than others?

Yes, they do. Some patients with a higher metabolic rate respond better, as they’re more able to excrete the fat cell contents and therefore… enjoy better results. However, this amazing red light therapy works for patients of all ages and skin types, which is a plus.

Can Anyone Use This RED LIGHT therapy?

That’s another great question, and here’s the answer. No. This amazing technology shouldn’t be used by pregnant women or individuals with active cancer. When the RED LIGHT therapy empties those pesky, unforgiving fat cells, your liver causes fatty acids and triglycerides to be voided from the body.

What can this ALL NEW technology for you?

  • Reshapes your body to slim down
  • Lose inches where YOU want to drop the inches
  • Slims down targeted areas
  • Look better
  • Tighten and tone loose skin
  • Reduce stubborn fat from arms, hips, thighs, tummy, love handles, bra line, knees, and ankles
  • Reduce the appearance of cellulite

Here’s what happens to a lot of people that don’t believe this technology works. First off, they try and starve themselves, which never works, and then they try some new way that is completely bogus and, just like the starving mood, it never works.

Now some people figure, If I join a gym, you find out rather quick that 1) there is some sweat equity involved, 2) it takes time to lose weight this way, and 3) then they quit — within a week or so.

That kind of weight loss never works.

That’s why you have this report. I want to help you lose weight the healthy way, without drugs or surgery, plus get FAST RESULTS… faster than anything you’ve ever tried before, and at a fraction of the cost of other programs.

This Is A WIN-WIN Program

This program is available for the first time in America at this office. It’s never been replicated before either. 5 This WIN-WIN fat loss program is so new, only a few doctors actually know about it.

This Program Is For Someone Who’s Tried To LOSE inches… Failed, But Is Serious About Losing Weight And Inches FAST!

Your program is completely customized for you. It doesn’t matter if you want to lose inches around your belly, or thighs. It’s designed to help you lose fat and inches quickly, so it’s more or less foolproof.

What Are People Saying About The Program

“I have lost 24 pounds in just 21 days. I was skeptical but I have to tell you, based on my results, I would recommend this to anyone who’s ever had a problem with getting weight off and keeping it off.” Duane Carney

“I’ve lost 23 pounds, and 4 pant sizes in 43 days and it’s amazing. I love it.” Lowell K.

In this unique, one-of-a-kind fat loss program you also have proprietary secrets that will help you melt the fat away. These are secrets you won’t find anywhere else and they work like magic in concert with the unique red light therapy.

“I lost 43 pounds in 40 days, this is the best thing I have ever done!” Holly Reed

You can lose at least 2 inches on your very first treatment without STARVING YOURSELF.

You’re going to feel better than you’ve felt in a long time when you look in the mirror because your clothes are 6 going to fit better, people will start asking you what you’re doing because you look so different, and your self esteem issues will more or less disappear.

Simply put, you’re going to love what you look like when you get in front of the mirror at home.

Now let me make something very clear.

Everyone loses at different rates. For example men can lose inches faster than women, younger people lose inches faster than older people, and heavier people seem to lose inches easier than lighter people.

But the common factor is that they all lose inches on their very first visit.

If you’re tired of making up the same old excuses, and you’re tired of wasting your money on programs that don’t work, stop what you’re doing and make the call.

Don’t keep fighting weight loss.

If you can’t keep the weight off, you definitely have to investigate this weight loss program because there is nothing else like it anywhere. Don’t forget.

I want to give you measurable results, fast.

Some people have tried to set themselves a goal on the New Year, only to fail a few days later. They had good intentions, but they just couldn’t get the weight off fast enough. Well with this one-of-a-kind weight and inch loss program, you get the results you want FAST. So fast that you’ll see those results on the first visit.

Now there may be additional things that I recommend in your particular situation after I’ve reviewed your paperwork and talked to you, but I have one goal in mind for you and that’s to lose the inches and weight fast.

This is going to be an exciting journey back to your ideal weight.

I don’t know how you feel when you look in the mirror now, but one thing I can promise you is this. If you try this program out, and you don’t see any measurable results on your first visit, you don’t owe me a dime. That’s how confident I am. I’ve seen this amazing technology work and it’s now being offered to you at this office, but you have to hurry. Spaces are filling up fast.

You’ll finally be able to lose those EXTRA pounds and inches fast,(without exercising if you wish) and get back to what you looked liked early in your life… and all without starving yourself!