Can Adjustments Make My Spine Unstable?

That is a great question, and I’ll try and answer that today in this handout. You may have heard this from someone you know that doesn’t understand chiropractic, and are just making comments.

Unfortunately, most spinal problems come in pairs.

Here’s what that means. Usually there’s an area of your spine that is not moving properly, so it’s basically “locked in a certain position”, and when that happens, then another area compensates. The area that compensates… moves more.

These areas can even be at opposite ends of your spine! They are called compensation reactions.

Here’s where nature takes over. Your body is constantly dealing with the force of gravity. When one area of your spine malfunctions, a reaction can appear some where else. For ever action there is a reaction, even in your spine.

This is why patients are often surprised that I examine their upper back when their complaint is in their lower back.

As a chiropractor, my goal is to avoid these compensations and focus on the primary misalignments. The spinal joints that move too much are avoided – so muscles and ligaments can stabilize and heal. When you add motion to “stuck” spinal joints, areas that are too loose can properly heal faster.



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