Dr. Kaden’s “Get Healthier” In 2021 Quiz

Here are some simple things you can do and questions you and your family/friends can answer to determine if you and them can have a healthy 2021:


  1. Have someone watch you walk. What are they looking for? They want to look to find out if you “track” equally well with each step or does one leg steer off course? Does one toe stick out or turn out to the left or right, or even toward the inside. You can also look at your shoes. Is the heel wearing out on the inside or outside?


  1. Next get on your hands and knees. Lower and raise your stomach. Is it comfortable to do this? Does your spine move freely and without restriction? Bend your head backward and stretch it. Does it hurt anywhere that you didn’t expect to hurt? Is it easy to do these things?


  1. Now let’s find out how flexible you are. Do simple range of motion to both the low back and neck region. Bend slightly forward and then back, bend from side to side, twist from side to side slowly. Is each motion equal? Was it comfortable in all regions to move back and forth? Were you completely 100% pain free? HINT: You should be able to move without any pain or restriction whatsoever. If not — you do not have a healthy spine as there is something restricting it.


  1. Okay while standing, “lift” your leg up (gradually increasing) to different heights. Do this slowly. Compare legs and how high you can lift each leg. Can you easily raise both of your legs and hips? Do you have to “throw” your leg to “get it up to a position”? Can you stand on one leg and hold it for 30 seconds or longer? Do you have good balance and strength?


  1. As you know standing is a normal stance. Stand up straight, and hold your arms to the side and form a “T”, then try raising your arm up to 180 degrees. Is each arm the same? Is each as easily moved as the other? Now stand up erect, chest up and try again. Easier? Yes? Maybe your posture is not so great after all. If you want help doing this test in 2021, and you don’t have anyone to watch you, call the office and we’ll do it for you.


  1. Can you sleep all night without aches and pains? We’ve found that a lot of people have insomnia and there’s a reason for that. Can you imagine being in a lot of pain and trying to sleep? Well your body may be telling you something is going on inside and it wants you to get aligned so it can sleep better and rest.


  1. I’m not sure how old you are, but here’s my question. Do you feel old, stiff and achy, or are you the opposite where you get up and you feel young and refreshed when you get out of bed? Adjustments will help you feel better long term and you’ll move better in 2021.


  1. Are you starting to get out of a chair “too quickly”? By that I mean are you Dizzy? When you do stand up are you Unstable? This is not normal. Drugs will do absolutely nothing for these conditions. Nothing! Drugs are chemicals and if you think chemicals are going to heal these things you are 100% wrong. Sorry!


  1. Do you experience constant and stressful feeling and tension in muscles and joints? Again, people think that as they get older this is normal. I’m here to tell you it’s not. You may move a little bit slower as you age, but it doesn’t mean you should move like you’re 110 years old. If you are feeling tension and your joints and muscles ache, this can be directly affected by hidden problems in your back, joints, and nervous system.


  1. Do you feel fatigued a lot? Well think about this. An unbalanced spine drains your energy and impacts your vitality. Your head weighs about as much as a bowling ball and if it’s not in the correct position, it’s going to be hard on your neck and back. I mean think about this. Take a 12 lb bowling ball and hold it away from your body for an hour. Three or four hours. Do you think your muscles and body will hurt trying to hold it away from your body? Get adjusted and keep things aligned and you might have more energy and hurt less in 2021.


  1. Are you able to concentrate properly? If your 12 lb bowling ball is out of alignment this can directly impact brain function and health. If you want to think better, get aligned more often. Make sense?


  1. Do you have a low resistance to disease? If you’re misaligned it’s going to affect your neuro-endocrine system, and your nervous system which plays an essential role in your ability to fight infection and resist disease.


  1. I know you may not be 12 years old, but I’ve got to ask you this. Are you frequently ill and in poor general health? If something is out of kilter in your back, neck, knee, hips, etc… these can directly impact your immune system. That means you’re going to get sick easier and more often.




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