Headaches Hurt!!

I hate it when little children or babies suffer. The birthing process is something that is very difficult, even though it’s something that happens many times, each and every day.

Chiropractic has a long history of success with headaches.
A retrospective case study, published in JMPT, emphasizes the benefits of chiropractic care for infants.

This was a case study done of 13 infants (aged from 2 days old to 8.5 months old) who got immediate and dramatic improvements in both symptom reduction and improved feeding behavior immediately following a non-forceful chiropractic adjustment.

This reinforces our appreciation for the fact that
Kids Need Chiropractic, Too!

If you have kids, they should be checked, whether they have symptoms or not. If they were born, they need to be checked.

If you take your child to the dentist, why aren’t you bringing them to the office for a check up?

They need to be checked for misaligned bones more than you do probably. They are always falling, stumbling, playing, etc.

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