152-pound weight loss I’m going to tell you a story about Kim.

Kim lost 152 pounds in about six months doing Dr. Kaden’s weight loss protocol.

She’s a different woman.

But if you would’ve known Kim a year and a half ago, you could appreciate the mountain she has climbed.

She takes out her license to show the size she was.

That would be at 300 pounds.

Another photo she shows was taken during a cruise vacation splurge with her husband at her side – the same man who used to worry about her every night.

After she lost her weight, her headaches disappeared.

“I didn’t notice until the weight started to drop off, cause I had started working out before coming here and trying to lose weight and it was very slow,”.

“It was starting to accelerate a little bit and I started having more energy.

“So many people jump-start, for lack of a better word, their metabolism when they effectively are treated for their weight loss problems at the office.”

Once those hormones are regulated you don’t have the same carb cravings. Kim now is back to walking, light workouts and yard work.

Humility is no longer her only strength.

“I try to be low key about it, but inside, yes, I’m very, very happy with myself,” Kim beams.

And her husband?

He says she’s a new woman.

Dr. Kaden’s weight loss program is structured so you give your body what it needs, when it needs it.

Sometimes just a small change can make a big difference.

Kind of like it did for Kim.

Thanks and make sure you’re doing the program everyday.

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