Not a good thing!

Now think about this. Blow outs don’t just happen out of the blue. There are the FINAL “BLOW” in the deterioration of your tire.

“I had a person tell me the other night at dinner that they were perfectly healthy up until the time they turned 50-years old. Then they all of a sudden turned unhealthy and had to have (6) stents put in their heart and have a triple bypass heart surgery — not to mention a cancer diagnosis.” So…

DO YOU THINK… THIS PERSON… WAS HEALTHY until they turned 50?

Heck NO!!!! He just hadn’t reached the CRISIS stage, but the damage was already done.

Just like a tire, you may assume that everything is good because your car still ‘feels’ like it’s driving okay. These types of people are dumbfounded when the tire blows and they have to change their tire on the side of the road.

Are you doing this with your health? Don’t wait for a “blow out!” Maintain your health and your spine. Doing this ensures that you aren’t “injured for life” in the future.