The Innate Wisdom of the Body

Wellness consists of a fully functioning nervous system and spine and we can create wellness by providing the body with the nutrients, the mental and physiological rest, and the balance that it needs.

Too many conventional physicians believe that the solution to illness is to remove an organ, prescribe a medication, or kill a germ. But people’s illnesses are not due to an excess of organs, a deficiency of drugs, or an invasion of germs. Instead the internal power that causes the body to evolve and develop has the power to return the body to wellness if the body’s internal and external environments are brought back into balance and if the master governor – the nervous system – is allowed to fully orchestrate the show.

The innate wisdom of the body is powerful and humbling. So many concepts that were once believed cutting edge we now view as mere stages of incomplete awareness or even fallacies. For example, we used to think that our tonsils and our appendix were vestigial organs and unnecessary parts of the body; now we recognize that they are absolutely essential components of the lymphatic and immune system and actually prevent many cancers and other disorders of the throat, tongue, mouth, and bowel.

Such incorrect or incomplete hypothesis show us how much further and deeper our knowledge of the body must go. Yet the body itself has its own inner wisdom – it has always “known” that the tonsils and appendix were needed!

Yes there is a need for specialists if you develop a serious disorder, but when it comes to wellness, it’s not just what a specialist can do for you but also what you can do for yourself.

So learn about how the applied physiology and anatomy of the human body works and do your part to get and stay well.

Having your spine checked regularly to make sure there is no interference in your nervous system and then eat the proper foods and getting proper rest will go a long way in the restoration and preservation of your health.

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