Poor will-power is NOT necessarily what drives you to overeat on junk food. An in-depth investigation into the processed-food industry revealed there is a conscious effort (on behalf) of food manufacturers to get you “hooked on foods” that are ‘convenient’ and ‘inexpensive’ to MAKE.

Sugar, salt and fat are the top (3) substances making processed foods so addictive. Sugar alone has been shown to be more addictive than cocaine, and food manufacturers use sophisticated taste science to determine the “bliss point” that makes you CRAVE MORE.

Recent research confirms that ‘processed’ meat consumption is strongly associated with premature death. According to the researchers, reducing daily processed meat consumption to less than 20 grams a day could reduce mortality rates by three percent annually.

According to a NEW report from the American Diabetes Association, an estimated 22.3 million people were living with type 1 or type 2 diabetes in 2012, up from 17.5 million in 2007. To ‘protect’ your health, I advise spending 90 percent of your food budget on whole foods, and only 10 percent on processed foods (and less if possible). If you’re ready to change all of that, call my office today. We have some special supplements that will help you drop the weight – and lose the inches.