What Exactly Is Carpal Tunnel?

First of all, “Carpal” simply means WRIST. The Carpal Tunnel is a small tunnel or canal inside your wrist. The top part is formed by the carpal (wrist) bones. The bottom part is made up of ligament—a tough band of connective tissue called the Flexor Retinaculum.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Comes From Compression of the Median Nerve Within the Carpal Tunnel. TRUE!

What’s absolutely critical to understand… is that the Median Nerve originates in their NECK and travels between your collarbone and shoulder blade, over the 1st rib and underneath one of the major muscles of the shoulder and is a major “crush site” for the median nerve as well as several other nerves that have to travel through this area to get to the arm, forearm, and hand – then down the center of your forearm and through the carpal tunnel to the hand muscles.

Why is this SO important to YOU?

Because There Are 8 Possible Areas Where Your Nerve Can Be Compressed!

Consider some of the symptoms of MEDIAN NERVE Compression (not necessarily Carpal Tunnel Syndrome): Pain in the Wrist… Numbness in the fingers… Tingling or other abnormal hand sensations…Weakness of hands… Neck Pain… Swelling

These are ALL symptoms commonly misdiagnosed as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome…when in fact…they are caused by Median Nerve compression in ANY or ALL of the 8 areas!!

“How Does The Median Nerve Become Compressed?”

The Median Nerve does not fall from the sky into your hand!! It does not travel up your leg to your hand. . . It comes straight out between the bones of your neck! So, if your doctor does NOT properly examine your neck, as well as all possible “crush sites” he/she is missing the boat!

This means that a problem anywhere from the NECK to the actual carpal tunnel can cause nerve compression. Misaligned bones in the neck, bulging discs, tight neck muscles, an extra rib at the neck (some people are born with them), shoulder or elbow injuries, inflamed tendons, and misaligned wrist bones can ALL compress the Median Nerve, resulting in the EXACT SAME SYMPTOMS! And since most doctors are trained to treat symptoms…doesn’t it seem obvious why they might MISS the neck and the other zones when treating “carpal tunnel syndrome?”

Treatment for “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome” and other sources of Median Nerve Compression:

The most common treatments we do in our office are chiropractic analysis and proper adjustment of the misaligned vertebra in your neck. However, as always, the proper treatment is determined through proper diagnosis, which only comes through a detailed health history and examination. X-rays may also be necessary.

Here’s the cool thing; almost all of our carpal tunnel patients respond very quickly to chiropractic care which means that you can get back to living your life without the limitations imposed by carpal tunnel syndrome.

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