What’s Important About Having A Good, In Tune… Tuba Player?

You may or may not have attended a concert lately. One thing I’ve learned over the years is this.

Your brain and nervous system are the conductors that orchestrates the workings of your entire body. 100%! That means they control everything, from A-Z.

I’ll tell you something else.

If you care about being healthy you have to pay attention to this connection.

With clear communication, the beautiful music we know as “life” is produced. It’s an amazing experience (especially if you’re not diseased or SICK.)

But many people have a problem with their tuba player! (Remember, this is an orchestra). For some people, the tuba player could be their thyroid.

Or their gall bladder.

Or their stomach.

Or their lower back.

Or whatever.

Here’s my point. That person’s tuba player can’t see the conductor! That causes one of two things to happen. The tuba player may just sit quietly. Then again, he may go overboard and over-react.

The medical approach for the tuba player would be to surgically remove or chemically suppress the tuba player so he quiets down.

The chiropractic approach is to restore the connection between the tuba player and the conductor so he can see the conductor.

Naturally, this involves locating and correcting interference to the controlling commands that travel over your nervous system.

What we are trying to do is bring back harmony to your music of life!
Make sure you share this with your friends if they have any type of health issues.



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