Cold Laser Used to Treat Pain, Possibly Heal Bones Faster

February 9, 2007

Los Angeles – A High-tech way to treat pain and possibly heal broken bones faster – cold laser beams. This is a completely new, unique way to use lasers. It’s not FDA approved for that use but one expert and one young lady swear by it. Athletes put themselves through grueling physical challenges. When they get hurt the depend on people like Dustin Glass, team chiropractor with the LA Avengers, to get them back to the game. “We want to help the tissue heal quicker and working with elite professional athletes,” Glass said. ” The main objective is to get back to living and doing activity quicker, sooner.”

When high school track runner Heather Balbier felt pain in her foot just a few weeks before a big track meet, she went to glass for help. X-rays showed she had a stress fracture. Glass immediately treated her with a cutting edge tool: the Erchonia cold laser.Recently approved for treating pain by the FDA, some doctors and sports therapists are reporting that it can help heal broken bones by stimulating the healing process. Glass applied the laser to Heather’s injury and after the first session, which lasts just a few minutes, her pain was gone. She underwent two additional treatments.

Six weeks later, her orthopedist cleared her to go back to the track.”I was really excited,” Balbier said. ” I called my coach and he said I could go to practice.” Heather went to the meet in Hawaii and took first place.

There are many types of lasers and treatments for pain. This is not FDA approved for broken bones, but it is legal to use in what we call an off-label use. Ask your doctor which is right for you.