We wanted to share with you some of our excitement about some new procedures we have been using in our office. We recently returned from and advanced training seminar where we witnessed some really incredible results on many of the doctors there. New methods have been developed using principles of neurology to get extraordinary results withNeck Pain, TMJ Problems, Migraines, Tinnitus (ringing in ears), Vertigo and Dizziness.

Many patients receive rapid relief of pain and increased range of motion with these gentle non-force techniques (not every patient responds), where many other treatments have failed.

A doctor at the seminar whose neck rotation was limited to 20 degrees on the right for twenty years due to severe post surgical scar tissue build up was treated with these new techniques. After one minute of treatment these techniques enabled her to move easily to 65 degrees.
There was another doctor present with headaches, constant for several months. After one treatment his headache was markedly reduced, and was gone the next day. Also, he was having two attacks of vertigo daily which disappeared after the treatment.
Another doctor reported a constant severe headache, neck pain with pain and numbness in the left arm for one year, all of it immediately and completely disappeared after the first treatment. All of her symptoms were still gone the next day.

After taking this seminar, Dr. Kaden returned to the office and used these techniques on a patient who had suffered from vertigo for over 30 years. After one treatment the vertigo was 50% less. After two treatments the symptoms were 80% less. The symptoms were completely gone after the third treatment. One month later they still had not returned. The treatment duration varies with every patient.

What Other Doctors Are Saying About These Techniques:

  • “In and urgent care facility, 43 out of 49 Low Back Pain Patients had INSTANT RELIEF! 34 out of 37 Neck Pain Patients got IMMEDIATE Elimination of PAIN! Two fibromyalgia patients had 100% relief. Seven headache patients had 100% relief.” Jawad Bhatti, M.D., Midlothian, VA, Board Certified Pain Management, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Board Eligible Internal Medicine.
  • “The techniques are absolutely phenomenal. I taught for 15 years in an osteopathic college. I’ve never seen any other technique do what these cervical techniques can do…every patient that receives them has an increase in range of motion!” Kirby Hotchner, D.O., Miami, FL.
  • “These techniques for relieving musculoskeletal pain are nothing short of miraculous. After one single treatment, I was completely free of chronic, nagging neck and upper back pain that had plagued me for ten years following a ski injury. After one 3 minute treatment, Voila! The pain has gone and not returned! A Miracle! Thank you!” Sharon E. Meagher, M.D., Vail, CO.
  • “The night after being treated at the seminar I rode in an elevator without vertigo for the first time in memory! Now several days later, I have not had any further motion sickness. I used to get it whenever I was in a car. Now it is gone! Tom Leeseberg, D.C., Nebraska.
  • “I had severe, chronic neck pain and limited cervical rotation for over 10 years. I needed to be adjusted frequently. In just three treatments last year, my facet joints were unlocked, restoring normal range of motion and a lasting pain free state! I also had burning pain in my left shoulder after fracturing my clavicle 12 years ago, this pain was quickly eliminated as well. This stuff works! Jeff Aberle, D.C., Madison, WI.