We also have an Extraordinary New Blood Pressure Protocol that often lowers high blood pressure in minutes for many patients (not all, of course). Some patients are getting as high as 60 point reductions! One other doctor has reported significant reductions in 60 out of 75 patients who received this painless, non-invasive treatment. In fact Dr. Kaden treated himself and lowered his already normal blood pressure. We saw a long time patient yesterday who had had high blood pressure for decades that hadn’t responded to anything, including many medications. Recently he had been on a high dose of lisinopril which did lower it but it was still high. Doing our blood pressure protocol his blood pressure dropped for the first time to 120/70! This was amazing because he’s done dozens of medical and alternative procedures for many years with zero response.

Jawad Bhatti, M.D., Midlothian, VA, Board Certified Pain Management, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Board Eligible Internal Medicine, reports amazing results for hypertension. “Many patients have had very significant drops of blood pressure. 13 out of 16 patients with hypertension had substantial drops in blood pressure!”