The standard in Medicine is to measure dysfunction and to treat the symptoms that are manifesting. If the symptoms get bad enough, a disease is named and treated, most commonly with drugs or surgery. A Functional Doctor measures the function/harmony of the organs and systems of the body and uses nutrition and other natural treatments to allow optimal functioning of the organs and systems. Our goal is to identify less than optimal values of organs and systems, treat them naturally to prevent them from degenerating to the point of dys-function or dis-ease.

The use of the word function is the key. We are measuring through blood, urine, saliva, hair analysis and in our office, muscle response testing to determine the function, health and ability of specific organs and systems to carry out their jobs as perfectly as possible. These snapshots of physiology tell the practitioner where the patient’s health is presently, giving the basis to determine what specific actions are needed to accomplish maximum improvement and what nutritional support is required. We do not want to wait until there is dis-ease or a diagnosed disease to implement treatment. The standard of Medical Care is to diagnose a disease and treat the disease, or in many cases, the symptoms of the disease to relieve pain and suffering. Our aim is to prevent the disease!

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