It seems science has proven you can “literally” age in reverse…

Yes, age in reverse.

I’m going to share something with you that I only share with my close patients.

Read it carefully if you want to know how to literally reverse the aging process.

If you don’t want to learn how to REVERSE the AGING PROCESS, then delete this post. It’s not for you. If you’re serious about REVERSING AGING, keep reading.


Of all the studies I have read, this one seals the deal. The scientific journal headline read…”Resistance Exercise Reverses Aging in Human Skeletal Muscle.” Not “slow” or “repair”…

I know… the headline shocked me too but it did get my attention. So being the doctor in the know, I investigated and read the article. The entire article. And here’s what I found out. Training your muscles can literally turn back
your genetic clock and actually reverse the aging process.

But this research proves this is exactly what will happen to you when you…
Exercise with Resistance. Now don’t complicate this or think you can’t
do it. You can… if you just START.

Let me explain. Resistance exercise can be weight training or just using your bodyweight.  This is exercise that is heavy enough to cause “some” strain but
not so heavy that it is painful or dangerous. And you can be 30 or 95 when you start. It doesn’t matter.

Careful though. Don’t overdo it by thinking, MORE IS BETTER. It’s not. Again my point is this. Just start doing something. Once you can get started it gets EASIER.

I will give you the highlights that will give you the knowledge you need to make an informed decision. If you want to read the study yourself you can
find it on

The Unreal Findings

This is a summary of what it said. The mitochondria are the energy factories of the human cells. These are the power plants of the body. So as we age, our muscles begin to show “mitochondrial dysfunction”. This is what causes
all the bad stuff associated with “sarcopenia.”

Now you’re saying, “What the heck is sarcopenia?” Sarcopenia is just the wasting away of muscle due to age and most of all… under-use. As we age we get busy with family and the job, and most people experience a gradual loss of muscle. Sarcopenia is characterized first by a decrease in the size of the muscle, which causes weakness and frailty. It’s slow, and most people consider it part of
getting older, and it happens to everyone. Agreed?

Unfortunately, women have sarcopenia more than men. Men lift more and push more daily, so they don’t have sarcopenia as quickly as women.
Have you ever looked at a woman’s arm muscles? The ones on the backside.

Some women have ‘flaps’ or ‘wings’ as they call them. These are the triceps muscles. They more or less just hang there and flap. The problem? No resistance training to their muscle. People don’t realize that muscle is active tissue.It is responsible for most of the calories we use during the day. The less muscle you have, the more bodyfat you will gain… if you eat the same amount of
food. That’s one reason women gain weight easier, along with hormones, but that’s another discussion.

And if you’re thinking counting calories-don’t. Forget that. Don’t count calories.
Just learn how to do some resistance training. (And NO, you don’t have to spend hours at the gym. That’s a big misconception.)

Here’s something else to think about. Muscle loss is also related to the onset of many bone diseases. Yes bone diseases. The muscle that holds your spine in alignment can deteriorate as you age and cause major back problems.

Have you ever seen an older person who’s all bent over and walking funny? That’s why it’s important that you’re adjusted and aligned. To keep your back
from bone diseases like subluxation and degeneration. You want to make sure your muscles are as healthy as possible so you don’t have these bone diseases.

The same is true for the muscle and tendons around the knee and hip joints.
Can you see why muscle loss is a BIG deal? Can you see why getting adjusted and staying in alignment is a BIG deal? Can you see why you should do some kind of resistance training everyday if possible?

Resistance training builds muscle. Resistance training reverses the aging process. And it does so at ANY age. But that is not the real find in this study. We have numerous studies that show you can gain lean muscle at ANY age. When you do that this you start reversing our age and that’s a good thing.

This study also revealed something extraordinary: after just 6 months of resistance training test subjects showed a “reversal of most of the genes affected by age” in muscle tissue.
WOW! But get this. With age and NO resistance training, researchers found 596 genes expressing themselves with “aging”, or decreased mitochondrial function.
That’s bad. And that’s called sarcopenia. That’s what is also known as muscle wasting away. When people like you engage in resistance training, (in this case simple resistance training) things happen — Their strength increased by over 20%; And their genes literally “reverted back” to the same markers as “younger” genes after only 6 months of exercise.

This is staggering when you think about it. It is one thing to maintain muscle as we age, but the real secret: To GAIN muscle. But to know that we are literally reverting our genes to a “younger version” within the muscle? And after only six months?

WOW. That is downright amazing. And that’s not all… When the older folks in the study began, they were almost 60% weaker than the younger members of the study. In just 6 months, they were only 38% weaker than the younger group. They were getting stronger by the day. In a few months… they will be even stronger. In some cases their strength would surpass the younger test subjects.

Strength is not a luxury as we age. Some people think it is, but it’s not. You have to do SOMETHING. It is absolutely necessary for longevity and health. And this all takes place at the genetic level. Just imagine feeling and looking better in just
6 months?

What You Need To Do

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